The Prestige…


Even though it’s not my favorite movie of all time, it’s my favorite from all of Christopher Nolan’s movies who is my favorite director.


I really enjoy this movie because the complex story gets you completely immersed in it and the characters are so interesting and mind blowing that its almost impossible not to like the movie for just pure entertainment. However, if you are also looking for the more important details of the plot like me than this movie is the right movie for you. Nolan created one of the most dramatic plot twists in movie history in this cinematographic masterpiece and Nolan being Nolan from the beginning of the movie till the end he places clues and leaves little hints in order to give the more attentive audience the answer to the twist before it actually happens.

The thing is the man is a genius and all his movies are great there is not one I did not enjoy but the effort and complexity put into this movie is simply outstanding and it deserves the praise from anyone who enjoys cinema.


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